We have a wide range of surveillance and biometric

devices to suit your budget and requirements.

CCTV solutions for security and safety of people and property…

Biometric solutions for operational efficiency and productivity of your organization


When it comes to desktop virtualization software solutions, our company delivers an efficient and cost effective setup via a shared server/application set up with configurations that can easily matchup to your current and future networking requirements. Our end-to-end solutions employ complete virtualization using an array of full VDI, streaming apps and installed apps, wherever applicable.

We also offer complete management of your virtualization servers with added security measure to keep your precious data secure from unwanted access. Our virtualization techniques work with minimal equipment and thus reduce overhead costs and incur maximum results.


With IT infrastructure underpinning almost all mission critical operations — avoiding IT downtime is an essential element in ensuring business continuity. Prevention is better than cure.

Our advanced technologies can scan networks to identify vulnerabilities caused by unpatched applications or operating systems before automatically installing the required patches and updates.


Kaspersky Lab offers a range of enterprise solutions that interlock or work independently, so users can pick and choose without sacrificing performance efficiency or freedom of choice.

Solutions covering virtual as well as physical systems, servers and infrastructures are complemented by those targeting specific industry issues, like financial fraud and Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and by a range of Security Intelligence Services.

Components include:

  1. Patch Management
  2. Systems Managementt
  3. Mobile Security
  4. Web and Device Controls
  5. Application Controls and Whitelisting
  6. File Server Protection,
  7. HIPS and Personal Firewall
  8. System Watcher
  9. Automatic Exploit Prevention
  10. Cloud-based Protection
  11. Signature-based protection


We help you do more to ensure your family is not just connected – they’re protected… so they can surf, shop & socialize. Our award-winning security helps you to safeguard your family’s privacy, money, & precious memories from online dangers – and Kaspersky Safe Kids gives you new ways to secure your kids’ digital live on their computers & mobiles.