Kedosietuo Nagi
Co-Founder Chairman & CEO

The brains behind Ramietech Solutions. Soft spoken, multi-talented, IT enthusiastic, humble and a God fearing person with the best ability of handling the entire company to its full potential. Being a developer from within, he understands the ins and outs of the system and plays his card on the right time. Always stands with his team and fulfills the needs of his employees. Very easy to approach, a simple person and always understands each person role. A person to seek to in times of advice and always open to new ideas from anyone

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Seyielhouvi Nagi
Co-Founder & Advisor

A co-founder of the organization and having a very unique and strong personality. A person filled with experience in all fields, a God fearing person and a family man. Always easy to talk with and being the backbone of the firm, always in for valuable suggestions and treats every member with kindness.

Khruvino Nagi
Managing Director

A lady with discipline and a great example. Always good with numbers and leadership, very enthusiastic for every kind of work and a person to seek in needs of advice. Being a core member of the organization, always kind with the team and brings in new ideas to help the organization reach greater heights.

Azo Loz├╝
Operation Manager (HR & Admin)

A person of immense experience in human resource. A social planner and looks after each member of the team with equal importance. The goto guy for bringing up new ideas and planning co-curricular activities which keeps the team always refreshed and in groove.

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Debashis Sen
Operations Manager (Technical & Development)

Outright leader with clear vision and strategy. Creative and Assertive in the discretion of his duty. A maestro of effectively delegating tasks, empowering teams and exhibit exceptional proficiency in managing a varied range of tasks simultaneously. Ability to perform exceptionally well under pressure and deliver results.The mentor to all issues ranging from the know-how of technical stuffs to Current Affairs, GK, academics and to even personal matters.

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Nokedu Zhale
Development Lead

The core development guy, the goto guy for all development solutions. A person of class, sincerity and utmost dedication. A person of very few words, sometimes way too much and a very fun guy to hang out with. Handles everything with calmness and always looking out for new technology. A person who believes in skill and hard work. Always serious with the work, sometimes way too serious that forgets which day of the week it is.

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Metsuvoyi Chuzho
System Engineer

A person of very dynamic personality. A person with all the solutions, calculations being his ally. An all rounder ranging from solutions not limited to development, networking and all IT solutions. Always good with everyone and a helping hand to everyone. A devoted drinker of "Chai". Always zoned in his work, handles everything like a professional. However, as he is always zoned in his system you might want to bring in a mic of very high decibel to shake him off his system.

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Ajung Lemtur
Software Programmer

 A girl who carries herself with punctuality and discipline. Always good in learning anything new, the goto girl for website designing. Always filled with creative ideas and good with everyone. A girl who has learned everything by experience but always open for learning and a very kind heart. However, a person who has to get over her foodalcholism and the color "Pink".

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Zhokholu Ritse

The goto person for all things relating to sales and services. Always on par and soft spoken with everyone. A lady who carries herself with class and diligence. Always in for any new ventures and social activites, keeping a very healthy relation with both the development and the management team.

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