Ramietech Solutions is one of Nagaland’s progressive IT company established in 2012. The company’s headquarters is located at P.R.Hill, Kohima with IT professionals providing a wide range of IT services and IT products to both private and public sector clients within and outside the state. We are committed to excellence, efficiency, timeliness, quality, customer satisfaction and sustainability of the products and services delivered. Ramietech Solutions was founded with the primary objective to contribute substantially in the field of Information Technology in Nagaland and beyond. The driving force propelling the founders was based on the principle of enhancing technology through invention and innovation to accelerate progress for clients and communities. Starting its operations from a cramped one-room office, the company has come a long way and now its corporate office is based in a prime location in the heart of the state capital, Kohima.


We specialise in custom software development, website design & development, web applications development, web services, biometric systems, CCTV systems, networking & virtualization, database administration and IT Infrastructure development. Our services and solutions ranges from the very basic IT services to the most complex IT Solutions and Infrastructure. Through IT consulting services, we strive to bring awareness amongst the various departments, NGOs, institutions & business establishments and to achieve their goals in the ever growing demand of IT by delivering our expertise and services with up-to-date technologies. The company has extensive expertise in competently managing advanced technology projects, contracts and complex programmes for clients in both private and public sectors. The Company has also diversified its business to include retail sales of computers and accessories, IT-based print solutions, biometric and CCTV solutions. We have developed business partnerships with some leading industry leaders like Microsoft, Kaspersky, Bioenable Technologies, DELL, Ingram and eSSL which has greatly strengthened and enhanced our company and allowed us to have a competitive edge in providing our services, solutions and products to the client’s total satisfaction.


To bring about technological progress and equality with the mainstream in the state, national and global. To create the best possible solutions for sustainable economic and social growth of our clients in particular and society in general. To empower the people, young and old at all levels by delivering technology to the grassroots level.


We at Ramietech value integrity, discipline, dedication and commitment. These values are the guiding principles in whatever the company undertakes which further strengthens the bond between us and our partners and clients


  1. Create common platforms and integrated systems for various IT services at government, NGOs, religious, educational and business establishments.
  2. Demystify and enable IT usage to improve services, productivity and profitability in a local context and beyond.
  3. Maintain holistic progress and development of IT services with up-to-date innovations through implementation of the latest possible and available technologies.
  4. Development of software unique to the local (state) purposes and broaden the scope of implementation to the national and global level.
  5. Establishment of Management & IT Consultancy in all sectors in the state.
  6. Create opportunities to engage the educated unemployed youths productively through periods of apprenticeship, to develop talents and skills of available human resources aiming at development of creativity and achievement of excellence.